Jeff Miner, LPC, M.Ed.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Miner has made the pursuit of excellence in sports a focal point of his career. He played competitive sports up to the collegiate level and has been involved as a coach for athletes of all ages. As a professional, he worked for the United States Olympic Committee and as the Director of Research for the National Institute of Child Centered Coaching.

In his book, Coach’s Planner, Miner helps coaches to understand the psychological and legal aspects of sports coaching - providing proven techniques for motivating athletes. He has also written several articles in national publications regarding; Motivation, Getting into the Zone, Overcoming Obstacles, Ethical Practices by Coaches, Eating Disorders, and Making Sports Fun for the Athlete and Parenting Elite Athletes—What To Say When Your Child Loses.

With more than 30 years of experience in psychology and athletics, Miner has always worked to make sure that athletes get the most enjoyment out of their sport and their abilities. Miner helps those he works with set personal goals and develop a concrete plan towards achieving those goals. His determination and enthusiasm have helped athletes change old patterns of thinking and gain control over the emotional and stressful aspects of their sport.

Miner received his bachelor’s degree from Utah State and his master’s degree from University of Utah. In his professional career, he worked with several Utah Jazz players and worked for the US Olympic Committee.

Damion Brown, "Coach D"

Certified Performance Coach and Certified Skills Development Trainer

Damion Brown known to all as “Coach D” has worked with athletes of all ages from Kindergarten to College in the areas of total skill development: performance and strength training, specific sport skill training (football/basketball), and mental strength training (mamba mentality).  

“The hardest skill to acquire in any sport; is the one where you compete all out, give it all you have, and you are still getting beat no matter what you do.  When you have the killer instinct to fight through that; you have truly gained something very special that will usher you to everything you could ever desire.”

As a player Coach D learned the invaluable lessons passion, grind, persistence, and failure teach as he chased his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player.  Though he failed to make it due to a serious knee injury in his last collegiate season, he has taken those lessons and created a platform that has helped several other athletes to reach that exact same goal and more.  Without his failure, it could have cost others their successes. Coach D uses failure as one of the essential tools used to achieving the greatest of successes; both personally and in the lives of others.

As a coach and trainer the only goal was to help the student/athlete/client to reach their set out goals.  But no matter how hard one train or how great one motivates, the key to achieving the goal is to unlock the hidden potential of Will within the student/athlete/client or the results will never be consistently reproduced without you! At one time I NEVER trained the mind as I would train the body. Now I have completely shifted my focus in to executing what is a basic knowledge of most coaches and trainers, that “its 20% physical and 80% mental,” and the Triumph Performance Institute help me make that a REALITY!!!

As your Mental Strength Coach, I will help you to unlock your hidden potential, to chase and attain your desires, and to do it all while growing and loving the pursuit – the Mamba Mentality.  The journey begins with your inner decision to stop dreaming it and start doing it. See you there!!!

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

- Bobby Knight -