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Crash Course in Mental Toughness

Learn the basics of mental toughness fast!

The crash course in mental toughness is a two session, introductory series into the world of mental toughness. 

This crash course is designed to teach you a wide array of mental toughness strategies that you can implement immediately! These mental toughness skills are frequently utilized in sport, but also can be used outside of sport (i.e. in the classroom, at home, at work, etc.). This is a 2 session psychoeducational workshop that runs for a total of 3 hours (1.5 hours/session). This group meets in person and the location is based on the workshop series. Typically, workshop meets at the ACA Business Club in Overland Park, KS (6840 W. 105th St). 

What you will learn:

Finding your "Why" in sport

Those who have a "why" to play can handle any obstacle! This portion of the workshop will focus on tapping into your reasons for playing and how aligned they are with your personal values.  

Learning how to focus and get in the zone

Focus is not inherently given, it is a skill that can be grown. This portion of the workshop will teach you how to focus and get in the zone quickly. Athletes who are able to block out the external clutter have been found to both perform well and enjoy their sport. 

Utilizing self-talk strategies to increase positivity and resiliency

What you say matters. Whether you say you can or say you can't, you are probably right. In this section, you will explore the internal dialogue of your mind and what you really are telling yourself when you are performing. After this, you will learn what pieces of inner dialogue to keep and what self-talk strategies you can incorporate to help boost performance in competition!    

Understanding the mindset of confidence

Look good, feel good, play good! Athletes who can unlock their confidence are better able to perform throughout the ebbs and flow of the game. This portion of the workshop will offer you certain tips and techniques to boost your confidence quickly. This section will also explore what may be holding you back from being the confident person within. 

Using visualization both in and out of competition

If you can't see it, how do you even get there? Create your future now and live into it! This portion of the workshop will focus on learning how to properly incorporate visualization strategies in your performance. 

Handling pressure when it comes your way

Pressure is inevitable. Pressure is uncomfortable. Pressure makes diamonds! This portion of the workshop will focus on how we react to the perceived internal and external pressures of competition and how we can rise above the noise. Athletes who can use their mental resources properly under pressure are better able to achieve elite performance. 



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Take your first step towards becoming mentally tougher. The Crash Course in Mental Toughness is a 2-session skills based course to provide you with the foundations of mental training and some useful tips and tricks to take your game to the next level.


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