Champion Mindset Program

Transform your mindset from one of “I HAVE to win” to “I AM a winner.

We are licensed professionals that are committed to helping each person reach their full potential. We customize our services and programs to meet the needs of the athletes and family members we serve.

We are your personal trainer for your mind.

"I learned new ways to prepare for the matches. I did not know that so much went into it from the mental preparation and from being ready to play a day before a match. I always thought it was about athletic improvements. So finding out ways to prepare both mentally and athletically helped me to improve my game a lot."

Uldis Gaismins
UMKC Men's Tennis Team Captain, WAC Men's Singles Champion

Our Goal Is Your Goal

Our goal is to help YOU reach YOUR goal. We are a team, working together to put the fun back into your game.

We have worked specifically with athletes and their families for decades. We understand the pressures and the difficulties that are prevalent in the sports realm. We are here to help you navigate the ever-winding path that leads to your success.

Our program was developed to ensure you have the mental tools necessary to take your game to the next level. 

Benefits to you:

  • Build mental toughness.
  • Learn to use your nerves positively. 
  • Love the game again by learning to manage pressure and play for your own reasons.
  • Increase your success using brain-based technology and biofeedback.
  • Eliminate failure from your vocabulary.
  • Learn to channel anger and aggression into positive resources
  • And finally...take a trip back in time to when you played for fun!

How it works:

  • Undivided attention from your personal “head” coach through 8 one-on-one individual sessions. During that time we will work together to assess where you are, what’s holding you back and a strategy to overcome any performance baggage you may be carrying and get very clear on your performance goals.
  • Additional support from your “head” coach via email and texting.
  • Increased success in your goals with a weekly well-structured accountability process.
  • Learn these skills around your busy schedule via video conferencing and/or phone.
  • Continued learning with access to your own private online training portal that will include many assignments, resources and training tools such as Relaxation on Command mp3, and more.

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If you're serious about taking your game to the next level, then let's get started making a plan and developing the techniques to get you where you want to go.

"The benefits I have experienced in my sport from working with the Triumph Program is that I have less worry. I’ve have a better perspective on my sport. I’ve also learned to have a lot more fun. Jeff helped me to simplify things. I was over thinking it. I have become more confident and more sure of myself in life , and I'm happier more often. I would highly recommend Jeff to other athletes."

Yazen Hajeh
Professional MMA Featherweight fighter with a record of 6-0.

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