Why BrainTap Technology?

Researchers and successful athletes alike have proved that there is a definite positive correlation between visual imagery and meditation and how it positively affects the athlete's sports performance. These techniques have the ability to enhance performance by reducing stress and anxiety, but increase the level of focus that is needed to compete at the athlete's peak.

So why aren't more athletes doing these behaviors? They are either unaware or don't want to take the time and energy needed to practice to become good at it. We have the remedy to both. It's called BrainTap Technology. It essentially does the work for the person wearing the headset. 

The Technology

This extensively-researched light and sound technology creates a perfect symmetry of  sound frequencies and lightsynchronization for the ultimate in binaural brainwave entrainment and relaxation. The combination helps guide the wearer to a perfect balance of left/right brain synchronization and relaxed brainwave activity. In other words, BrainTap produces the relaxation response, giving the body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body.

At the same time, the BrainTap sessions guide the mind to a state of laser-like focus so the wearer can rid themselves of negative self-talk and achieve life goals!

The wearer simply closes their eyes and they will be gently guided to an OASIS in their mind where anything is possible and every goal is achievable.

Light Frequencies

Light pulses train the brain to produce a healthy balance of brain wave activity, transforming the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about any goal.

Beats & Tones

Embedded tones emulate relaxed brain waves, guiding the brain to an extraordinary level of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.


Trigger points in the ears, called meridians, are known to directly balance the body’s organs and systems. These are typically activated using acupuncture needles, but light frequencies are known to have the same effect. The BrainTap earphones are uniquely equipped with 9 LED lights set at the optimum frequency for providing a sublime feeling of serenity and balance…all without needles!

10-cycle Holographic Music

The music on the SMT audio-recordings is designed to create a full 360 degree experience that delights the mind with calming thoughts and images.

Guided Visualization

Audio-sessions to help you become the designer of your own life. With a selection of more than 700 titles — all encoded to work with the BrainTap headset — you’ll know how to focus on everything you want out of life so you can have it, effortlessly!

Contact us today to find out how you can start benefitting from this great technology!


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