Consistency is Key Part 2: Develop a Pre-Competition Routine

In the last blog post I discussed the importance of consistency and how it is the one thing that separates the very best in every sport from the rest. The best athletes in the world are able to perform at a consistently high level day in and day out, week in and week out for months and even years. How can you learn to be consistent like the Pro's? 

Inverted U Theory

The Inverted U Theory is based on the premise that athletes can attain a state of mental readiness that will allow them to perform at their peak on a consistent basis.   The inverted U explains how some people need “bang on your chest" (often football or rugby) type preparation while others need a “quiet isolation and or meditation" (Chess).  Most athletes fall somewhere in the middle.  The key is to find your individual “FLOW” zone.   

The graphic above depicts the "sweet spot" for optimal performance. The purpose of a pre-competition routine is...

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