Parents Are The Key!


Parent's Are the Key

Hey Parents! I know it's often difficult to know when to step in and when to butt out when your child is an athlete.  It’s hard to know how hard you should push them, should you help them with skill development, how best to support them, what hidden messages you are sending and what you should and should and shouldn’t say after they lose.  


We have found that parents' behaviors and attitudes are almost always the key difference between successful and unsuccessful athletic experiences. Parents should focus their energy on areas where they can support their athlete. 


One of those areas is helping your child develop and implement their PreCompetition Routine to achieve THEIR Peak Performance.


Consistent Preparation Leads to Consistent Play

Consistent preparation leading up to a competition is a major contributor to your student-athlete getting consistent results. This consistent preparation...

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Do You Take Responsibility For Your Success AND Failures?

We could all use a little Zen in our life. I recently read The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive. The author dedicated a whole chapter to 22 Zen stories and how they can relate to sports and life in general. I thought they were great stories and would like to share them with you. The following is an excerpt.

The Monk And The Mirror

Zen is being fully awake without illusion in the present moment. The term Zen derives from the Sanskrit word dhyana, which means meditation or contemplation. Zen approaches to gaining wisdom can be quite effective because they are stimulating to the imagination. Zen stories provide a powerful way to bypass an overly analytical mind and instead move important information straight to the subconscious. These stories can help mobilize one’s internal resources and bring them to bear on solving problems and making positive changes. In this chapter, 22 classic Zen teaching stories and Taoist tales are presented to further deepen...

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