The Gold Mind

"A Champion, The Best, Numero Uno..."

Many athletes dream of being the best, but few have what it takes to BE the best. What separates the best from the rest? The best isn't always the strongest, fastest, or the one in the best shape.  Studies have shown that "the best" is almost always the one that thinks he/she is the best. Champions almost always have what I call a Gold Mind. The mind of a winner. The one with the fewest doubts and the biggest belief in themselves.

How does someone develop this attitude?  It doesn't just happen.  It takes work, lots of work.  Developing a Gold Mind is knowing in your heart that you have done everything you can to be the best.  Knowing that you have worked harder in all aspects of your sport.  Gold Minds are not a natural quality in any one person.  Like anything else you have to develop this skill. Some key factors that I have found that work to develop a Gold Mind are:

  1. Using positive affirmations daily. A short statement about yoursel in the present tense.  Some examples are:  "I am a smarter player, I get better every time I perform, I work harder than all my opponents." The more you tell yourself that you are the best, the better chance you are going to start believing it. 
  2. Act "as if". If you act as if you are already the best, you will start to believe it. 
  3. Pursuit of excellence. A gold mind is always striving to get better. They strive for excellence, not perfection. There is always more they can do or something different they can learn.
  4. View defeat as a learning opportunity for what they can do different rather than defeat.
  5. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Everyone has fears. A Gold Mind sees fear as an opportunity to overcome a new challenge.
  6. Focus on the success and not the failures.  Too often an athlete will compete all day and have seeral wonderful performances and then get beat at the end of the competition.  A Gold Mind will look at the good things they did all day and what they did right.
  7. Control their emotions. Gold Minds have the ability to use their emotions as a strength, rather lettting them drain their energy.
  8. Get into the zone and stay there.  Many athletes get in the zone, but Gold Minds know how to stay there.
  9. Never quit.  No matter how bad they are getting beat, Gold Minds never give up.
  10. See every challenge as an opportunity.  A true Gold Mind would rather lose in a tough competition than win an easy one.

Not everyone has the drive or the desire to be a Gold Mind.  It takes work and commitment.  You have to train yourself to conquer fear and doubt, two of our most basic human instincts.  Becoming a Gold Mind can happen for any and all athletes if they have the desire to be the best and they are willing to work to make it happen. 

Good luck!

Jeff Miner, LPC, M.Ed, 

CEO of Triumph Program

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