How To Ditch The Head Trash

Head trash. What exactly does that mean? It's the stuff that rolls around in our heads and stops us from getting what we want. Head trash usually causes us to put self-imposed limits on who we are and what we can be. Head-trash is an irrational story that you tell yourself, like, you have to be perfect. 

I call these self-imposed limits,“Limiting Beliefs”. These beliefs are where the doubt, anxiety, and fears are all rooted. It’s ultimately what keeps you from being as successful as you want to be. 

How do you overcome limiting beliefs?


  1. Identify the Belief that is limiting your success. Be as specific as you can. Examples: 

Fear of failing, I have to be the best. 

Belief that you aren't enough just the way you are. 

Belief that you had to prove or show others how good you are. 

Belief that people will reject you if you fail. 

Fear of looking stupid or embarrassing yourself. 

2. Identify a possible situation where those thoughts may have started. Examples: 

Getting teased as a child. 

Being in a home with an addict. 

Never being enough or being able to please your parents. 

Failing in school or at a business venture. 

3.  Identify the Feelings that were developed as a result of that situation. Examples: 

Fear of rejection, failing, not being enough


4.  Identify the behaviors you are doing that are maintaining those feelings (limiting beliefs). Examples

Not taking chances 

Making decisions based on fear 

Avoiding confrontation 

Constantly worrying about what others are thinking about you. 

Identify new behaviors that will change the feelings that are causing your limiting beliefs. Examples:

Take care of yourself (be selfish) 


Speak your mind 



Once you have let go of your limiting beliefs and you have written the script with new behaviors from a positive and confident standpoint, then you have to implement it. 

But how?

Easy…..act "as if".  Act as if you are that confident, motivated energetic person that you want to be and do the behaviors that they would do.   It will take a while before you start thinking and feeling the change.  As you address the fears, change the story you tell yourself, and start acting "as if" you are well on your way.   

Thanks for reading!

Jeff Miner, "Head" Coach and founder of Triumph Performance Institute

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