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No Matter if you are an athlete or a high-performing executive. It all starts with the mind.

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Who's a Fit?

Elite Athlete


Our Program

Elite athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs all have something in common...They are on a mission to achieve something bigger.    


We all face beliefs that keep us from achieving our personal greatness.  We call these limiting beliefs and they usually stem from a situation or traumatic experience that caused us to start doubting our beliefs about ourselves.   

Who Is A Candidate?

Individuals that would like to achieve at a higher level.

Individuals that are struggling with personal issues such as:

    1. Marriage
    2. Children
    3. Self-sabotage
    4. Anxiety
    5. Depression
    6. Doubt
    7. Addictions
    8. Fear of failure


Benefits of coaching at Triumph:

  1. A safe place to talk that is 100% confidential
  2. Higher performance
  3. Increase in the overall happiness with life
  4. Increase clarity
  5. Accountability 
  6. Focus
  7. Increased follow-through
  8. Increased Productivity
  9. Improved communication
  10. Improved relationships
  11. Improved leadership skills

We are different than your typical executive coaches in the fact that we are not all about you getting better at your business but rather you getting better at your life, which is going to make you better at your business.   

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