Aspiring Athlete Program

No Matter if you are an athlete or a high performing executive. It all starts with the mind.

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Develop a positive, confident, and motivated young athlete

We understand the pressures and challenges that young athletes face in the competitive world of youth and high school sports. We help them navigate the path that leads to your child's success and enjoyment.


Does Your Child suffer from?

  • Poor confidence and self-doubt
  • Unable to engage freely in play, excessive sweating and other debilitating fears
  • Struggles with focus and attention
  • Gets sick prior to competition or school
  • Change in behaviors such as isolating, too much/too little eating, more irritable, argumentative
  • Afraid of what others will think
  • Always trying to impress others such as their coaches, parents, and teammates
  • No longer enjoying their sport
  • Very hard on themselves--perfectionist
  • Afraid of social situations

Our Program


We help your student-athlete learn the mental skills needed to be successful and happy.  

We are licensed and certified professionals that are committed to helping our clients reach their full potential. We customize our services and programs to meet the needs of the athletes and family members we serve.

All packages are designed to unlock your child’s potential to maximise their performance by helping them define their goals, strategize on how to achieve them, provide accountability, overcome anxiety, learn to focus, and learn new mental skills to improve performance and their life. 

Through a series of virtual lessons and one-on-one sessions with their coach, your child will:

  • learn to control their emotions, 
  • learn to look at challenges in a new light 
  • deal with any personal problems they are encountering in their life
  • discover who they are really playing for
  • learn to address their fears and get real with themselves by owning their $H!% 

How is Your Student-Athletes Mental Fitness

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